Professional Services

Prices are effective as of May 14, 2020 and are subject to change without notice.


The process of sanitizing and chemically treating a deceased human body in order to reduce the presence and growth of microorganisms, to retard organic decomposition, to render the remains safe to handle while retaining naturalness of tissue, and to restore an acceptable physical appearance for funeral viewing purposes. Full PPE
and chemicals to be provided by mortuary or an additional $50 would apply.


Autopsy Restoration

The process of embalming and restoring human remains after a postmortem examination to determine the cause
of death. Additional fees will apply for over sized cases.


Organ & Tissue Donation Restoration

The process of treating and embalming human remains after organ and tissue donation.


Professional Care for Unembalmed Remains

The setting of features, washing, disinfecting and dressing of un-embalmed human remains.



The placement of human remains with the assistance of a body lift into their specified casket. Meticulous attention will be given to this process to ensure proper positioning.



The deceased will be assessed before moving forward with dressing and appropriate measures will be taken if necessary (Suturing, plastic garments, aspiration, etc.) Clothing will be provided by the family and articles should be inventoried by the funeral home.


Cosmetic Application

Full cosmetic application includes the use of cream or airbrush cosmetics. If needed wax will be utilized to restore facial features. The painting of nails is included in the cosmetic application (Clear or colored polish). Picture of the deceased should be provided to ensure desired appearance.


Restorative Art

Reconstruction and restoration of the skull, facial features, wounds, discoloration due to traumatic death.


Hair Dressing

Hair dressing will be achieved by utilizing a blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron. Hairspray and serums will be used to maintain the longevity of the hair style.


Spanish Translation Services


Miscellaneous Tasks

Retrieving apostilles, picking up death certificates, meeting with consulates, conducting arrangement conferences, utilizing IVRS.